Dentists are Urging Patients to Have a Healthy Diet for Teeth

Minerals vitamins are necessary to have a good healthy body. But many people are not aware that these same vitamins and minerals are liking to have optimal dental health. Because of this lack of knowledge, many dentists are urging patients to increase their diet of healthy mineral vitamins to protect their teeth and gums. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that close to fifty percent of adults in America has a type of periodontal disease. Tooth decay and diseases of the mouth can be healed and improved. Changes to one’s diet by including the right foods would drastically improve the nation’s problem with tooth decay.

Many people are pretty familiar with the use of fluoride when it comes to the health and betterment of their teeth. From a fort collins co dentist to a New York City dentist to a dental professor, they all will agree how vital fluoride is to the health of your mouth. In fact, studies have revealed that use the fluoride can reduce cavities by sixty percent. Most Americans are previously have had or currently have cavities. Nine out of ten of the most popular toothpaste brands have fluoride as one of the ingredients in their toothpaste. There is also prescription only brands that offer higher doses of fluoride for those that need it for protection from cavities. There are even companies that allow for a person to increase their intake of fluoride through many other ways than just toothpaste while brushing your teeth. Foods, teas and other beverages are ways you can increase your intake. Some foods like dried fruit and cocoa powder have been infused with fluoride.

Dentists also place strong emphasis on the intake of calcium and vitamin D for the health of your oral care. These two vitamins help keep your muscles, bones and joints strong. They also are powerful with protecting your gums and teeth. Calcium allows the gums and teeth to be healthy when teeth loose calcium particles. Eating foods rich in calcium or taking a supplement will allow for you to replace lost calcium in your teeth. Dairy products, almonds, green leafy vegetables and salmon will help with your calcium intake. Vitamin D will help with your calcium absorption. One of the best ways to get vitamin D is through the sun. Supplements and a healthy diet of fish and cereal will also allow you to get the recommended amount of vitamin D.

One of the most commonly found minerals in the body is phosphorus. Eighty five percent of phosphorus is located in your bones and teeth. Taking this mineral also goes well with vitamin D and calcium. If your meals are balanced, no need to worry about your phosphorus intake. Well balanced meals with the recommended serving of fruit, veggies and meats will almost always guarantee you are getting enough phosphorus. Sunflower seeds, tuna and turkey are foods with high amounts of phosphorus. Dentists are urging all people to make sure they have diets full of these nutrients.