Find Assisted Living for Family

It was a difficult decision for our family, but we finally found the appropriate place to take our great aunt when she got too old to take care of herself. We tried to help her keep care of her house, but she couldn’t be left alone, and we aren’t able to be home all the time to take care of her. There are plenty of options out there to explore, so we’ve finally decided to try some of the nursing homes and assisted living options. The nursing homes in her area were already full of residents, so we brought her to an assisted living home near our neighborhood.

Since our great aunt had trouble living on her own, we decided that it would be best for her to have an assisted living situation. She doesn’t need someone to take care of her physical wellbeing, so we decided to find a place that allows her to live on her own without much interference from doctors and nurses. She wouldn’t agree to being taken care of by nurses because she has been on her own for so long. She likes to do things in her own way without someone else telling her what to do. At the assisted living facility that we found for her; she is able to do all the things she would normally have done at her old home. The only difference is that if she falls or slips, someone will come to help her right away.

It’s important that she feel comfortable in her own home. She has been in the same house for over fifty years, so it was a hard decision for us to make. We had to get her to the assisted living home when she started falling on a regular basis, however. We travel for work often, so there’s a good chance that we won’t be around if she does fall at her home. We didn’t want to have to rush home from a job to find her hurt in the hospital. She resisted the move at first, but when we explained to her that she would have her own personal space, she went along with trying this new living situation.

We did an online search, only to find that there were so many  senior healthcare services smithtown ny in our area to go and see, most were a clean, professional facility where seniors would feel welcome to live out their golden years. We want our great aunt to feel at ease in her new home because she did so much for us when we were growing up.

It’s difficult to take someone you love to an assisted living facility because you want to be there to care for them yourself. However, it’s not always possible to care for everyone in your life at the same time. This is something we realized recently when we decided to start having children and have a family of our own.