Tips on Treating Chronic Kidney Disease

More and more people these days are suffering from a disease called chronic kidney disease. While there are many factors which can lead to this disease, such as genetic predisposition, which cannot be helped, there are also other factors such as lifestyle choices and environmental considerations. Here are some expert tips on how to control this disease in the best way possible.

Keep Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar in Check

It is extremely important to keep things like high blood pressure and high blood sugar in check when suffering from chronic kidney disease. When the kidneys are improperly functioning, there will be certain metabolic disorders which will occur. Having high blood pressure, high blood sugar and even high blood fat levels are bad enough on the kidneys of a person is relatively healthy but it is terrible if they are going through a bout of kidney disease.

Stay Away From Alcohol and Smoking

People who are undergoing CKD Treatment should strictly avoid drinking alcohol and using any form of tobacco. Both of these substances contain chemicals which are known to be carcinogenic. Tobacco can lessen the effectiveness of any medications the patient is currently taking and alcohol places undue stress upon the kidneys in general. Both substances can negatively affect the blood pressure, which is something the patient needs to keep under control.

Take a Look at Your Diet

People who are undergoing treatment for CKD need to undergo a diet change. They are recommended to consume a low amount of protein and sodium as well as potassium and phosphorus. This should be supplemented with high amounts of natural vitamins found in fruits and vegetables. The foods which are recommended to be avoided place stress on the kidneys and make them overwork. Any activity that overtaxes the kidneys should be strictly avoided.

Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

The patient should always strictly follow the doctor’s orders when it comes to medication. Failure to take the medicine as prescribed could actually worsen the disease. If the patient suffers from any previously accounted for ailments after taking the medicine per doctor’s orders, they should immediately contact their doctor and await further instructions.

Keep Options Open

Unfortunately, not every outcome is good news when it comes to chronic kidney disease. Sometimes all of the medicines and lifestyle changes the person participates in simply do not work. In these cases, the patient will have one of two options. These include kidney dialysis, where a machine does the work of the kidneys for them, or a kidney transplant, where the patient receives a kidney either from an organ donor or in some cases a family member.

Exercise Often

Remember that no matter what stage of kidney disease the patient is in, whether it is the beginning stages or end-stage kidney failure, the patient should try to get a moderate amount of exercise, as much as the doctor will allow. This can a long way towards at least making the patient feel good and give them more energy.

By following these simple tips, the patient will be able to live as comfortable a life as is possible.